SOA Trader launches a new information services brokering Web site for accelerating outsourcing

May 29, 2007

Tallinn, Estonia (SOA Trader) May 15, 2006 – A new information services brokering Web site is launched today. SOA Trader allows companies to accelerate their outsourcing efforts through an international marketplace of information services.SOA Trader focuses to outsourcing of information system components, such as databases containing financial information, travel services, credit card fraud detection services, etc. Outsourcing is seen nowadays as a major methodology to optimise business processes. By concentrating to their core business and outsourcing value-added competence, companies can significantly reduce production/service costs and achieve higher quality of services/products, which ultimately leads to higher degree of customer satisfaction and increased revenues. 

However, finding a reliable and competent partner to outsource from is a time-consuming and costly process. Moreover, there are risks associated with outsourcing. “SOA Trader accelerates outsourcing by providing an environment to find reliable partners with least efforts. Moreover, we continuously monitor outsourced business processes to ensure that they perform as expected,” says the founder and the CEO of SOA Trader, Peep Kungas. 

SOA Trader offers an opportunity to publish, discover and integrate information services into other business processes through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web services technologies.
More information about SOA Trader:
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